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We are a locally owned private personal training company and not one of those “big box gyms” or a “social club”.  We specialize in One-on-One personal training.  That’s it!  No fluffy group aerobic classes, no dangerous group weight lifting classes where everyone…regardless of ability or knowledge… is expected to do the same workout as everyone else.  And especially NO FREE PIZZA, DOUGHNUTS or CANDY while you “work out.” Call us today and Start to Lose Weight Now!
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Personal Training

Why Choose Us?

Certifications and Expertise!

Regardless of your experience with exercise, or lack thereof, Basic Health Fitness is here to help you!  In today’s fitness industry, it’s often not stressed enough just how important it is to have a specialist who has the credentials necessary to help you succeed.  At Basic Health Fitness we have the credentials and the expertise to help our clients achieve the results they want quickly, safely and affordably!  Our motto is “Fitness Done Right” simply because so many people are doing it wrong.  In our studio, we get results by design and not by coincidence.  We use time tested and proven methods to evaluate our clients and then design effective and safe training programs that are fun and get results!

Nutrition is important when working out with a fitness trainer

Nutritional Guidance

At Basic Health Fitness, we will provided you nutritional guidance to get the results that you want!  Our trainers will give you first had advice and recommendations according to what your goals are.   As an added bonus, all of our clients will receive a nutritional booklet.  This booklet includes a list of foods that you should eat as well a 2 week journal, so you track your progress!

What our Clients have to say about us!

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“Being paired up with Jennifer was one of the greatest gifts anyone could have ever given me. She took the time to get to know me and personalized my workouts based on my goals. To date, I have lost 48 pounds, 30 inches and 13% body fat and I could not be any happier with the results!”

– Marideth Kingsley


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