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Fitness Consultation

What is our Fitness Consultation?


Our fitness consultation includes the 3 import assessments that will help us design the perfect program for you.  Each assessment is design to help each individual to overcome their areas of weakness, as well as finding the solutions for them to succeed. 

The three assessments are: 


Biometric Measurement


Biometric measurements are things like:  height, weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, body circumference measurements, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, waist to hip ratio and postural analysis.  Basically, these are the data we can measure to tell us how you are holding up on a day to day basis.  Your medical doctor would call a lot of these measurements your Vital Signs. 


Heart Rate Variability


“The HRV is a well-established test for assessment of the body’s physiological functions and of its ability to adapt to stress; all of which are regulated through the nervous system.”  (Wellness Score)  The results will give you an overall health score to see how well you handle stress and adapt to it.  This great assessment to help monitor your training program and see where your starting point is.


The Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement Screen is made up of 7 functional exercise tests that allow us to screen specific functional movement patterns that are essential for normal healthy human movement. The FMS will help us identify any muscular imbalances and functional limitations you may have.  This is extremely important information for us to have, because if you have any of these functional limitations, then it WILL affect how you train and how you progress.  The FMS will allow us to not only design a safe and effective training program for you, but it will also give us more objective data to measure your progress with. 


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