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Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition Simplified!

At Basic Health Fitness we like to teach out clients how to live a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why we give all of our silver & diamond clients a nutritional booklet to help you along this journey.  Our nutritional booklet makes dieting easy, by removing the guesswork from what it takes to eat healthy.  With  our easy to follow system, anyone can change their lifestyle for a healthier one.  Our booklet also includes  a 2 week food journal to help you track your progress.  As added bonus, our trainer will be here to assist and counsel you for additional help.  


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Protein Powder
Wholefood Supplements

In our studio, we have our favorite brand of protein powder and wholefood supplements available to our clients.  


Not only is Protein powder is a great tool to help build muscle and burn fat it also can be used as a meal replacement.  The other thing that I love about protein powder is that there is so much versatility with the product.  Protein shakes are great, but sometimes  I like to enjoy some protein waffles or pancakes! 


Wholefood vitamins are great because they are made up of real food!  This is important because our bodies recognized foods that are made in nature (carrots, beets, apples etc.) and not foreign comical or synthetic vitamins that our available in your local supermarket.  Wholefood vitamins make it easier on our bodies to digest and therefore absorbing more nutrients.  So, if you are looking for a multivitamin, probiotic or a fish oil? We got you covered!



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