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Happy Valentine's Day

Switch Things Up This Valentine’s Day

Stay Fit this Valentine’s Day by Switching Things Up!

Modern Valentine’s Day, while originated to honor a saint, has become a commercialized grand gesture of love.

Most Americans spend more and more, year after year, on cards, decadent dinners, bottles of champagne, chocolates and candy, etc. to display their affections towards their significant other.

I want to know why?  Do we really need a day designated to “showing” our loved one how much we care about them?  In my opinion, life is too short, and I think that we should do our best every day, to let that someone special know how much they mean to us.

Now, you can follow the herd and join in with the commercialization of this holiday and you can buy your loved one some candy and wine or whatever ….that will add some more love to those love handles; or you can try something different.

How about using the holiday to show your loved one how much you care by doing something that will actually help improve your quality of life and add some more life to your years together?

If you want to grow old with someone, grow old with good health.  Start making the lifestyle choices today to add vitality to your life tomorrow.

Whether you live in the big city or out in the mountains, make a day of it and get outside and take advantage of the things you could do with your special guy or gal that is fun, memorable and healthy.

My husband and I love to go long hikes in the parks near where we live.  It’s fun, easy and we get some great pictures of the wildlife.  As an added bonus, we get some fresh air and we get to burn off some energy from the work week.

If hiking isn’t your thing, that’s fine!  Cincinnati is a great city and there are dozens of things to try.  Just use your imagination and you will be able to find something really fun, healthy and memorable to do for this Valentine’s Day – without having to sit for an hour waiting on your table at the restaurant, just like everyone else!

If you are scratching your head trying to think of some things, remember that there are a few indoor rock climbing gyms in the area! You can have a blast, get one heck of a workout in and stay warm!

If you’re not afraid of a little cold, you can always hit up Perfect North Slopes and make a day of skiing or snow tubing!

Whatever you do, have fun and make it memorable! And then, after all of your hard work – I you’re your awesome date; take a break and relax with a couples massage.  Massage is a great way to help reduce stress, pain and muscle tension.   And I might be partial here, but if you really want to go the extra mile for you loved one…Take them to the chiropractor!

Now, I’m not against all of the Valentine’s Day traditions.  I mean, who doesn’t love to eat!

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