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Pat Marshall

Lost 31 Pounds in 3 Months!
Name:Pat Marshall
Occupation:Captain Fire Department
Hometown:Florence, Kentucky
Starting Weight:238 pounds
Current Weight:193 pounds

Pat’s Testimonial

My job can be very physically demanding.  Over the years I let myself get out of shape and like a lot of people there was always “something” that kept me from starting to workout again.  In October of 2014 we had a training exercise that really brought home just how out of shape I was.  That was followed in the next few months by a couple more incidents that showed me I needed to change.

In April of 2015 I met Jennifer when doing an inspection at her building.  During our first conversation my thought was to get my high school son involved with her to help him meet some athletic goals he has set.  I figured I would do a couple sessions also just to get him there and then be able to stop.  About the same time I had a couple of medical issues that caused me to see my doctor.  It was during that appointment that I realized just how bad I had gotten.  I weighed in at 289 pounds and had high blood pressure.  The weight stunned me.  Here I am 49 years old, almost 300 pounds, a year away from being eligible to retire and on course to be one of those guys that 8 to 10 months after he retires dies from a heart attack.

When I meet with Jennifer for my first session we talked about my goals and a time frame.  I figured on a year to lose 60 pounds.  We talked about eating habits and the way my job doesn’t always lend itself to good eating.  Then the workout started!  In 40 minutes she had me gasping for breath and hoping I could just get through the workout.

Working with Jennifer has been great!  She constantly pushes me to do better.  Whenever I ask a question she willingly shares her knowledge.  She has increased my level of understanding especially in regards to eating.

I am now 3 months into training with Jennifer.  I have lost 31 pounds and 9.25” overall.  I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done.  I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer.

Pat Marshall


Florence Fire/EMS